And Now For Something Completely Different

A new class session starts this week and it is time to try something new. Can you say ACRYLIC?
Maybe it's the weather, time of year or just burn out. My students know to look out, when I need to change my painting address - I take it out on them. The upside is that we all learn (and have fun) together.
This class session is about color, composition, abstraction and, well, having fun. After months of painting fruit, analyzing reflections in glass, plotting cast shadows, it's time for a break in the action and to try a little paint flinging in a non-representational way; and we are going to do it with acrylic and a whole new color wheel.

My general guidelines for nonrepresentational work:

1. Start with a dynamic compositional theme and a color that you want to dominate the piece.
2. Under paint with an intense color (possibly the complement of your dominant color choice), and allow some of that color to show through at the finish. - Contrasting or complementary hues create excitement.
3. Stay out of the WHITE.
4. Use the greatest color contrasts where you want to establish your center of interest. - Remember, cool colors recede, while warm colors come forward.
5. Use colors as shapes. Place then to interact with each other, varying the size and shape of the masses.
6. Don't over work the paint or you will lose the visual strength and energy of the piece.

So much for my first attempt. Stay tuned.

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eldon warren said...

Hi Coni!! I had an art teacher in grade school that only let us do what you've described above. I don't know if I ever did anything representational in the 2 or 3 years I had Mr. Thornhill for art. He'd have us draw a square or rectangle on our paper then with odds and ends of shapes we
"composed" something inside that area. It taught me how to compose my picture plane. I pretty much compose the same way still.
Basically it's a "if ya gonna have this, ya gotta have that" kinda thing. I like your "first attempt" it looks like you.