Something Different- Take 2

This piece in red and the one below in blue are both based on the CROSS compositional idea. This small photo to the right shows the first strokes of what, in the end became the big painting. I got a little carried away in the fun of, well - everything - but the compositional foundation of the piece, and the dominant color theme - are the rails that keep it all on track.
And one more note I want to make at this point - I have been influenced, hugely, for abstract and acrylic painting by various artists: Janis Loverin, in particular. Janis is a wonderfully versatile artist and fellow member of the High Desert Painter Group. To see some of her work, click on the J. Loverin Studio link down on the right under LINKS.

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Eldon Warren said...

Thanks Coni, I had a boat load of fun doing that one. Debra has finished the YouTube version. I'll get you a link.