Week 2 in Abstract-Land

In this second week of our abstract journey we are using a VERTICAL-SHAPE compositional idea. My final painting is at the top but the first strokes that established the vertical theme are shown directly below it, to the right. Violet is my dominant color and lime green the subordinate color.

Down the line is some of the student work; each started with the same vertical compositional idea and either purple or lime green as a dominant color.
Kayleith Pellandini,
Judith Greenwood #1 and
Judith Greenwood #2,
Gina Quintana, and
Josie Perea.
It is amazing how one idea can take so many different directions. For some of us loosening up is difficult; sometimes the tools we use can be the vehicle to take us to new places in our work.
Judith Greenwood does beautiful and sophisticated work using sticks (from Cottonwood trees)- makes me wonder why I spend money on brushes. . .

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eldon warren said...

I've got a few more minis to do then I'm going to do a 30x40 abstract. To loosen up? Maybe. But more, probably, to give this landscape business a rest for a little while.