Business and Pleasure

Wednesday I made a trip to Taos for some very happy business;
I took 4 of my larger studio pieces down to the Wilder Nightingale Gallery who will be representing me in Taos. Sue McCullough rode along and between us there is always a lot of painting party potential. We called Kemper Coley who had plans to meet Peggy Immel and Dee Beard Dean; before we knew it our little group was painting at the edge of the Taos gorge. My piece is posted at top, Peg is pictured painting down below us, tucked in the trees and Sue and Kemper joked around a little too close to edge of the gorge for my taste. It was one of those perfect, blue sky New Mexico Spring days and in town the crab apple trees are in full bloom; so beautiful.
Click on the painter's names above, to view their work. Very worth seeing. Kemper and Peg are both at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery and Dee Beard Dean is from North Carolina and the founder of Plein Air Painters of the Southeast.
Click on Sue's Blog to see her painting, get a different take on our day and even view a shot of me.

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