A Fond Goodbye

While I was in Taos my little '69 Karmann Ghia went back to California on a transport - sold to a collector and Ghia/Porsche enthusiast who will love it at least as much as I did. I bought it used when I was 17 and we have traveled many miles together.
A one-painter car, and not suited to dirt road driving, or hauling art - I made a very hard choice this Spring to finally sell it; something I never thought I would do - but it was time.
I used to wonder how anyone would NOT want to drive a convertible; it was always a California car and I am happy to know that it is going back there.
In the end, I realized the multiplication of my original investment by 10 fold and was able to purchase a beautiful Toyota pick-up. I can't be too sad; still. . . .
my husband saw the Ghia put on the truck - I am glad I wasn't there.


Chuck Sale said...

I understand.

I donated my 1991 Ford Explorer to Goodwill recently. Together, we had traveled to many places, taken many roads. I slept in her at many trailheads, and she never failed to meet me at the end of my journeys, or to take me to them in the first place. or to return me home safely.

I was surprised at how strongly I felt. I was betraying a loyal friend because she had become lame in my harsh service. But like an old dog, she did not accuse; she quietly submitted. And then she was gone, passed out of sight behind a bend in a familiar road.

She serves now someone I will never know, or she is taken apart and exists no more as I knew her.

Since you were 17, you had your little car. That is hard for me to imagine. But I understand perfectly the loss.

My Goodwill tow truck operator said my reaction was quite common, but he was wrong. My emotion was unique, defined by utterly unique events that combined in my life around that machine.

Was it C. S. Lewis who titled one of his books, Surprised by Joy? I think so.

I am surprised by sadness, and it is not altogether unpleasant. It makes me remember. When I was young, I did not remember.

Now I do.

With affection,


Anonymous said...

My goodness!!!! Was this the car you had at Long Beach State when we were roommates???!! I loved that car!!! I remember how you had that cover for it?? I spent many an hour chugging around SoCAL with you in that car. :):) Nice memories. :) I'm sure it was VERY hard to let go....but you're right...a convertible is a California car. May the new owner have has much joy as you did.